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Hot Tub Water Chemistry

In order to enjoy your hot tub to the full it’s important to ensure that it is well maintained, and that the chemistry of the water is balanced correctly. The water needs to be kept clean and free of bacteria, and the pH must be kept balanced in order…

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Hot Tub Energy Efficiency

Hot tubs keep a large volume of water heated to a constant temperature, and therefore have the potential to consume a lot of energy. HotSpring hot tubs are some of the most energy efficient on the market, but by taking a few simple steps you can ensure you’re not…

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Buying a Hot Tub – Frequently Asked Questions

In this post we’re going to address some common questions customers ask us before buying a hot tub. Q. What do I need to consider about siting a hot tub? A. Hot tubs need to be situated on a sturdy, level surface. When full of water, a hot tub…