Buying a Hot Tub – Frequently Asked Questions

In this post we’re going to address some common questions customers ask us before buying a hot tub.

Q. What do I need to consider about siting a hot tub?

A. Hot tubs need to be situated on a sturdy, level surface. When full of water, a hot tub is very heavy so it must be supported properly. It also needs to be located somewhere with a power supply and where you can reach it with a hosepipe in order to fill it up. Other than these considerations a hot tub can be sited almost anywhere. It’s a good idea to consider things like the view from (and to) your hot tub.

Q. Does a hot tub need planning permission?

A. You can generally install a hot tub or spa in your garden without needing planning permission. The only possible exceptions are if your property is listed, or if you live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, in which case you should contact your local authority to check.

Q. How soon after installation can I use my new hot tub?

A. Depending on the particular model and size of hot tub, it will typically take around a couple of hours to fill up your spa using a normal hosepipe. Once full it will generally take around 24 hours to come up to temperature.

Q. What are the running costs of a hot tub?

A. The running costs for a home spa will depend to some extent on the size of the hot tub and the temperature you want to run it at. Modern hot tubs are not heated constantly; instead they maintain a set temperature, only using power to heat the water intermittently, when it drops below the desired temperature. A good quality hot tub cover will mean very little heat is lost when the spa is not in use, and therefore it will not need heating as frequently. The most efficient hot tubs can cost as little as £5 per week to run.

As always, for more help and advice about buying a hot tub don’t hesitate to contact us!