Cleaning Your Hot Tub Filters

Even if your hot tub filters appear clean, they may be covered in oils or other substances.  These can clog the filters which can reduce the water flow in your hot tub or place additional strain on the pumps.  It’s therefore good practice to clean your hot tub filters regularly.

For the most part you can clean your hot tub filters simply by removing them from the spa (with the power off of course) and spraying with a garden hose to clear away any obvious dirt or debris.  This should ideally be done every 2-3 weeks depending on your hot tub usage.

Every 2-3 months you should also give your hot tub filters a proper deep clean by soaking overnight in a filter cleaning solution such as FreshWater Filter Cleaner from HotSpring.   The ideal time to do this is when you change the water in your hot tub.  After soaking, rinse off the cleaning fluid with a hose to get rid of any residue.

Finally, it is important to remember that even when properly kept clean, spa filters do not last for ever.  They should be replaced every year or so.

Replacement filters for your hot tub, along with HotSpring FreshWater Filter cleaner and a range of other hot tub cleaning chemicals are available from the Blue Lagoon Spas showroom in Crewe.