Enjoy Your Hot Tub This Autumn

As we move into autumn, hot tubs and spas really come into their own. Throughout Europe, hot tubs are used more in temperate climes than in the height of summer. In Scandinavia hot tubs and saunas are a way of life even in the depths of winter.

As the water temperature in a hot tub is at or above body temperature there is a warm and relaxing feeling when the body is immersed. Even if the weather is cold or wet the hot tub keeps you warm.

Throughout autumn and winter the hot tub remains a welcome extension to the house where you can enjoy the autumn colours, see birds as they migrate south and admire the night sky and constellations. The sheer delight of enjoying these experiences and breathing fresh air, whilst keeping the body warm and relaxed, is something not to be missed if you are a hot tub owner.

Of course as the weather turns colder it’s important to ensure that your hot tub is well protected and insulated. If not, since the spa will attempt to maintain its water temperature, as the ambient temperature falls it is likely that heat transfer from the hot tub will increase, causing the heaters to operate more often and consuming more energy. To prevent this it is good practice to check your spa cover and make sure it’s in good condition and fits properly when the hot tub is not in use. For more information about hot tub energy efficiency check out our earlier blog post.

To sum up, autumn is the perfect time to relax in your hot tub, and if you don’t have one yet why not drop in to our showroom or contact us.