Hot Tub Entertainment Systems

You might think that a hot tub is entertaining enough, but the latest generation of HotSpring hot tubs from Blue Lagoon Spas are available with all sorts of extras to indulge your senses and make them even more fun!

Hot Tub Lighting

Our hot tubs are available with the Luminescence four-zone multi-colour lighting system which allows you to program a changing lighting scheme in seven different colours to suit your mood and help with relaxation.

Hot Tub Music

There are a variety of hot tub music systems available. You can stream music directly from an MP3 player or phone via Bluetooth to play through your hot tub’s speakers. Alternatively you can connect to almost any audio device using the HotSpring in-home Wireless sound system.

Hot Tub TV

The ultimate in hot tub entertainment is the HD Spa-Side TV from HotSpring allowing you to relax in the hot tub and watch your favourite programmes or DVDs.

So as you can see there are plenty of extras available to make your hot tub even more entertaining. Get in touch or drop into our showroom to find out more.