Hot tubs get more use than non-owners expect

HotSpring is the World’s leading hot tub manufacturer, and the only one to have delivered over one million hot tubs to customers.  Swimming Pool News magazine recently covered an extensive survey carried out by HotSpring comparing the motivations and actual usage habits of hot tub owners with the expectations of non-owners. The survey showed that owners use their hot tubs much more frequently than non-owners expect, with almost one in ten using them every day!

The hot tub owners emphasised the importance of wellness rather than the social aspect of owning a hot tub, with an emphasis on relaxation and stress relief cited by 84% of owners. They also extolled the virtues of hot tubs for bonding with family and friends but a significant number cited alone-time as being important.

Amongst the hot tub owners who responded to the survey the most popular time for using the hot tub was just before bedtime, presumably for relaxation to help get a good night’s sleep.  In fact a third of respondents reported improved sleep when using their hot tubs just before bed. Around 10% of users reported they like to have a soak first thing in the morning to set them up for the day ahead.

Almost half of the surveyed hot tub owners cited improved recovery from exercise as a significant benefit of using a hot tub, as the warm water and bubbles help to relax tired and aching muscles.  There are similar benefits for users with other aches and pains, especially those caused by conditions such as arthritis, poor circulation and diabetes.

More detailed results of the survey can be seen in the February 2019 edition of Swimming Pool News.