HotSpring and Blue Lagoon Spas – What’s in a Name?

You don’t have to look far to understand where the world’s largest hot tub company got inspiration for its name decades ago. HotSpring, based in San Diego, Southern California is surrounded by natural hot springs. (See natural hot springs anywhere in the world by clicking on the appropriate segment of the map).

In the 1940s GIs returning from Japan enthused about the benefits of traditional onsen bathing houses located at natural volcanic hot springs which appear all over Japan. These used high-sided wooden bath tubs called ofuro filled with hot spring water. Bathing at an onsen was communal and was for relaxing, rather than for getting clean. It was required to wash throughly and rinse off any soap before entering the bath in order to stop the water getting dirty. These ofuro were part of the inspiration for the modern hot tub.

Of course HotSpring aren’t the only ones to draw inspiration for their name from bathing in volcanic hot spring water. Indeed we at Blue Lagoon Spas ourselves get our name from the famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa resort in Iceland, which draws visitors from all over the world. Here bathers can enjoy the waters heated directly from a volcanic vent in the lake bed.  The closer you get to the center of the lake, the hotter it gets!

You don’t need to go quite so far to enjoy this kind of luxury however. You can have it at home with a HotSpring hot tub from Blue Lagoon Spas. Why not visit our showroom or download a brochure to find out more?