Need Chemicals & Accessories? We Have Everything!

At Blue Lagoon Spas, we don’t just provide you with top quality HotSpring spas’s, we also have everything you need after installation to make your spa’s performance last longer. Everything is HotSpring branded ensuring it is the highest quality.

In our Crewe showroom we stock; HotSpring Filters, HotSpring Silver Ion Cartridges, HotSpring ACE Test Strips and HotSpring ACE Salt.

We also have other accessories to improve you’re ownership experience; ie floating drinks caddy, spa nets, high quality plastic glasses and many more things!

Away from accessories, everything you need to make sure you have perfect spa water is available in our showroom. We have a huge selection of chemicals which will get your water looking right. If you need any advice on your water chemistry just ask a member of staff.