Relax like a Roman with your own HotSpring spa

Roman Baths and HotSpring Hot Tub

In ancient Rome public bath houses were available for all to enjoy.  They had heated waters and rooms and rest areas, and were not just for the wealthy but for the use of all. They played host to politics, intrigue, business and leisure. People could cleanse their bodies, clear their minds and soak up the atmosphere in convivial surroundings.

Similarly, in towns across the Empire such as Bath, in England, the Romans built a spa and baths to harness health giving effects of the hot spring waters emanating from the Mendips.  Today these baths are part of a UNESCO World Heritage site and attract tourists from all over the world, although they are no longer available for public use.  In fact there has been a spa in Bath from around 60AD to the present day where we can find tubs even in bathrooms with Glass Sliding Walls.

While public baths and spas are no longer common, HotSpring hot tubs from Blue Lagoon Spas are continuing a tradition dating back almost 2,000 years. To endure so long there must clearly have been substantial benefits over a long period of time. Few things can compare with relaxing in warm water which gently massages and soothes away your aches and pains.  You now have the opportunity to enjoy this luxury at home with your own spa, and you don’t even have to share it with other people!