Situating Your Hot Tub

Situating your hot tub is worth a bit of planning in order to get the best out of it. You probably want to site it in a pleasant environment which provides you with some privacy and freedom to relax. Of course your hot tub will always look good in its own right without any accessories, and many Mediterranean hotels have them like this.

However, you may wish to enhance the environment around your hot tub. If you have a nice view it may pay to elevate the hot tub to take advantage of this, otherwise you have many options. Most hot tubs are surface mounted, but you could have it sunk into a recess. This would obviously require more planning and some building work but could be right for you.

Your spa could be surrounded by simple tiles or concrete, or if you wish to be in touch with nature, just a lawn with steps. If you really want to show off your hot tub you could have hardwood decking and a stepped platform surrounded by complementary garden furniture such as wicker chairs and relaxing loungers. If you go for a patio you have a choice of materials, for example terracotta tiles, stone or slate flags or brick. Of course if the hot tub is to be positioned inside then it will usually be surface mounted unless you’re willing to have fairly extensive building work done.

If you’re thinking of getting a hot tub and would like some advice on setting it in the right environment for your location then don’t hesitate to contact us.